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Tenor Technologies, LLC

New Media Solutions for the Arts

What We Offer 

Consulting Services 

Tenor Technologies creates a tailored new media strategy to best address your artistic vision, needs, and budget.  We inventory your existing content library, and propose simple projects using this content and new content.  We discuss how to package this for a variety of new media channels, such as podcasting, blogs, YouTube, and others.  And we provide complete project management for the implementation of your new media strategy. Ask about our cost-effective Getting Started Assessment. 

Audio Podcast and YouTube Video Production Services

Create a sense of anticipation by providing behind the scenes information on how your work is created. Podcasts and YouTube videos are a perfect solution to address the challenge of capturing last-minute ticket sales to your event. They meet the shift in how people access information, and provide an opportunity for you to enrich the experience of your audience. 

We create a complete multimedia series for your concert season, theatre series, or art exhibition. This includes concept development and planning, episode copy writing, field interviews, post production editing and mixing, podcast publishing (registration with iTunes and other podcast aggregators), and website integration. 

Training Services

Tenor Technologies trains your staff to create and maintain your podcasts, blogs, and other online music and video efforts. This is an attractive option for organizations with in-house technical expertise.

Music Download Sales
Generate new revenue by selling your music via online download. We help you evaluate your assets, digitize them, and integrate them with online music services such as iTunes.  We'll also help you sell music from your own website.

Opportunities include archive recordings (live concerts, studio sessions) that can be digitized and made available for download online, and exploring the ability to generate additional revenue using this technology for future projects. 

Internet Radio Station Creation
Take advantage of Internet streaming technology to create your own Internet radio station, accessible from your website, where audiences can tune into your pre-recorded or live music.